I am so excited to be sharing the principles of ATTUNING through my workshops and consulting!

I believe we have all had “attuning” moments when we felt so connected to the ‘other’ that it seemed as if we were thinking the same things at the same time! I’m sure you have heard live musicians find their “grove” and the music is in complete “attunement”. Jazz is literally the music of attuning.

Compassionate alignment is always available to us when we are connecting with another. I have had some fun and amazing attuning with my 6 year old grand daughter during her life. When we have a conversation about something random, we find a place of attuning and the responses are so expansive that our imaginations are in full creative mode. I have a wonderful friend in Chicago that others want to avoid us when we are together….the “jazz” of our connection is so expansive that others are completely befuddled.

Malcolm Gladwell speaks about the rock group Fleetwood Mac. They are historically acknowledged as an unique collection of musicians who came together to create amazing music. What is less well known by millions of fans is that Fleetwood Mac went through many incantations of musicians and reboots before ‘finding’ the collection that attuned with one another. More than a dozen albums before “Rumors” broke the charts.

Although “Attuning” may seem random and rare, it is a process than can be learned and used by professionals in any business and anyone who wants a better relationship with another.

Learn how you can utilize these attuning principles to further your business communications and relationships!

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