Dr. Kai's Process

Dr. Kai breaks the process of Attuning into manageable coaching steps and can assist you in improving your ability to listen with Compassionate Empathy. You will see immediate results in your practice AND professional connections! This process is geared toward:

  • Social Workers
  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Human Resource Managers
  • And More!


Kai is one of those rare individuals who should be running something significant for President Obama, his brilliance in holding people accountable especially in one of America’s greatest challenges is astonishing. His eye for hidden multicultural biases, prejudices…in fact all the isms like racism and sexism, the whole family of interpersonal and intercultural challenges is nothing short of spectacular. Kai is so far ahead of his time, brilliant awesome!

Warrick G.

Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, Construction Project Manager, Writer

Dr. Kai was the mentor of the first Toastmasters club I joined in 1995. His mentoring and relationship skills motivated me to enter district leadership and eventually become District Governor in District 62. He started me on the path to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, and to keep striving to improve myself beyond that.

Sue M.


Dr. Kai’s mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for anyone who has the pleasure of interacting with him, and explains why everyone loves working with the Dr. I am grateful for the time spent working with Kai and the wisdom he has shared with me. Thank you!!

Christopher W.

Automotive Management

Kai Sorensen was my instructor for two classes my Freshman year in college as well as my counselor. To this day I still practice many of the public speaking and interpersonal communication skills learned from Professor Sorensen over 30+ years ago. I often remember reciting the poem “The Snake” when I have to give a passionate speech or presentation. Thanks Dr. Sorensen. I am passing along the skills I learned from you to my children.

Marc M.

Account Executive at Foresight Group

Dr. Kai is able to connect meaningfully with a wide range of people. I worked with him on a challenging project where his people skills and commitment to inclusivity empowered the members of a diverse community to come up with creative solutions for complex problems. I recommend Kai for group facilitation as well as one on one coaching.

George M., MA