Couples Coaching

Every romantic relationship will go through cycles. These cycles can bring the couple closer together, and send them farther apart. Since everyone has needs and develops strategies to get those needs met, it is inevitable that those strategies will conflict at times. There are books on love languages, behavior styles, astrological charts, and numbering systems to assist couples in “finding the solutions” to their conflicts. Some may work from time to time, or for a time.

My trainings and workshops are designed for couples to come face to face with their own issues in the partnership and their strategies. The issues are NEVER about the other person. Each of you is a mirror for the other, and you are in the partnership to learn, grow and thrive. The world is healed, two by two.

These trainings and my coaching are not gender specific and I welcome all couples who would like to find conscious, empathetic, loving ways to work through the challenges that will come! Check on my endorsements that can be found on this site.

Drop me a note and let’s chat. My first consultation is free.

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