The Law of Attraction

I stopped into a coffee shop the other day. I had some time before a meeting and wanted to do some journaling and contemplate the value of a latte on a Sunday afternoon. As I was doing such, I heard two men behind me talking about baseball and rolling a die (one of a pair of dice). I did not pay particular attention to the content of their conversation, as the metaphysical consequences of the latte were more interesting.

When I got up to leave, and to head to my meeting, I stopped by the table to inquire if they were playing some sort of baseball-based game, where the roll of the die would determine hits and runs and outs for their team. In fact, that is exactly what they were doing. I spoke about my own experience as a teen, growing up alone as an only child and not having many playmates my age nearby. I found a baseball game based on the roll of two dice and played that game for hours, by myself. A friend would occasionally visit and we would play against one another.

Well, they each introduced themselves and explained that is exactly the same thing they were doing. These men were close to my age, I was guessing, and seemed to having a blast! They mentioned they had one team without a “manager” and if I were interested, I could join in their league.

Law of Attraction #1 trigger – I stop for coffee at a shop on my way to my meeting, two men happen to be there at that time, I overhear them and it reminds me of how much I enjoyed doing exactly what they were doing, AND THEY HAVE A NEED FOR SOMEONE TO JOIN THEIR GAMES.

Well, I wasn’t willing to commit on the spot, so I offered my business card with my email and phone number. One of the men, Gary, looked at my name and said: “Sorensen…..Sorensen…..hmmmmm…” I said, “That seems familiar to you, what is coming up for you around that name?” (Now, my first name is fairly unique and I find that if people have met me in some context years ago, they will remember that name—and this was the last name) He said, “Dansville”. I said, “Two of my children went to school there” and I mentioned their names. He was shocked. “I was their music teacher!!!”

It turns out that not only was he my daughter’s music teacher, she baby sat for him when she was in high school. He also is a musician and had played with my ex-wife’s husband years ago.

Law of Attraction #2 trigger – I don’t really have to explain this one, do I?

This is what has been happening to me since January 18, 2017. I can’t make this stuff up!

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