Personal Coaching

For many years, “personal coaches” were seen to be a luxury. Those who hired the coaches were sometimes seen as “weak” because they could not “figure it out” on their own. Many people still consider coaches to be “therapy light”, and not worth the fees.

I’ve talked to dozens of professionals at all ends of the employee/management structure, and coaches from all over the globe. I’ve never met anyone who said, “I wasted my time and money”. Here’s why–entering into a relationship with a coach takes vulnerability and trust. It takes a commitment to “look in the mirror”. I do not know any coaches who help their clients blame others. None of us need a coach for that! Not every coaching relationship “works” as the coaches and clients are unique, so it is important to choose wisely! If one is not working out (lesson), move to another who is more in tune with your melody.

I’m an amazing coach, and not the right one for everyone. I know others I can refer you to, if there is not a good fit with me. Check on my endorsements posted on this site. Drop me a note and let’s chat. My initial consultation is free.

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