COMPASSIONATE EMPATHY is a process strategy that is used by therapists to assist their clients in finding solutions to their “behavioral choices” by coming up with their own solutions. This process can be used by therapists in many instances when their client has addiction issues, depression or trauma. Assisting the clients in finding alternate behaviors that come from themselves, can be more effective than what a therapist might suggest.
The initial step in this process of is for the therapist to empathize with the client. This is the focus of my workshops, trainings and coaching. The most effective therapists will be the ones who can sincerely empathize with the failing strategies that the addict/client faces every day. What I find is that most therapist, and most people in general, do not have a complete understanding of “empathy”. It’s not, as many think, “I’ve been there” or “I’ve had that same issue…”. That is not empathy. It’s most likely sympathy.
My workshops and trainings will assist therapists in better understanding the process of Empathy and it’s relationship to Compassion and Gratitude. I do not pretend to be a therapist or fully understand the entire therapudic process. What I can promise is that if you master this first step, you will be much more successful with the therapy that follows! Check out my endorsements that can be found on this site.

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