Meet Dr Kai

“I want every one of my participants and clients to transform a part of their thinking. Every person I meet can find new strategies to improve their lives and relationships. I can show you the way. You have to walk the walk. I have the map!”

-Dr. Kai


Dr. Kai has been teaching and consulting in the areas of conflict transformation, effective communications, and cultural inclusion for over 40 years. He has recently added ATTUNING to his portfolio.

He holds several advanced degrees in communications and organizational behavior. He has also received several certifications from international non-profit organizations in leadership and diversity training. He has lead workshops and trainings all over the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Dr. Kai is a happy “PAPA” to his grand daughter and grand son, and a dedicated student of the Law of Attraction. He can be found peddling his bike on trails throughout Michigan, and, in the Vortex.